Warren Peace

When it comes to foxes I’m one of those woolly, liberal tree huggers that the Daily Telegraph loves to hate. I like foxes, I don’t think they are the enemy. When I read stories about rampaging red beasties eating our babies in towns and cities across the nation I tend to let my cynical side run riot…

Hey Robbie, what’s wrong with the #twittercritic?

The Daily Telegraph’s chief film critic Robbie Collin has written a rather snooty article today criticising an advertising agency for using reviews from Twitter users in their latest poster for The Impossible….

The Reluctant Detective

I was first drawn to Scottish crime novel The Reluctant Detective by the tweets of its author Sinclair Macleod who uses social media to promote this book and its follow up The Good Girl. He claims that his novels are as “Scottish as Irn-Bru and Haggis” and offer “Crime with a Scottish accent” …

#BookTwub Review – 27 October 2011

It was a quiet old night for the #BookTwub. Most people hadn’t read the chosen book Cutting for Stone and so discussion on that was fairly limited. Those who had read it liked it and would recommend to friends, my review is here. I thoroughly enjoyed it….

The Lost Boys

This entry is part 3 of 12 in the series Hallowe'en Horror Week

When planning Hallowe’en Horror Week I was wondering which films to review and the obvious titles sprung to mind. The Exorcist – but I don’t own it on DVD and didn’t fancy buying it; Saw – maybe, but I didn’t relish watching it again and paying enough attention to give a fair review; A Nightmare on Elm Street – well, obviously. That left me though with some gaps in the schedule…

#BookTwub Review – 13 October 2011

I recently launched #BookTwub, a new Twitter book club. We meet on Thursday nights at 8pm and chat for between an hour and an hour and a half. Once a month we discuss a specific book and in the other weeks we talk generally about books. The number of people joining in each week is growing rapidly – virtually doubling every week…

#BookTwub Launches

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Thu 29 Sept – 8pm

I’m announcing today the launch of a Book Club which will meet via Twitter. I’m also pleased to announce that the first book will be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak….

Tweet A Short Story

Starting from tomorrow (Wednesday) The Society of Authors is launching an exciting new project to create five short stories of 670 characters. Each Wednesday famous authors including Ian Rankin will tweet the first line of the story then there will be half an hour for the next 140 characters to be contributed. The Society of Authors is hoping to promote the cause of the short story which is increasingly coming under attack. Make sure you follow the #soatale hashtag on Twitter and make your own contribution to this unique collaboration.