The Cabin In The Woods

Sometimes it’s hard to write a review of a book or a film. Not because there’s nothing to say, but the exact opposite – because there’s too much to say. I like to keep my reviews spoiler-free but on occasion the aspect of the film that has most intrigued me is one that would act as a spoiler…

The Woman In Black

I’m out of town for a few days staying in a strange hotel room. It’s a perfectly nice hotel but it’s not my home city and I’m in a room that’s not my own. There are unknown noises and strange bumps and all sorts of weird things going on. It’s what happens when you are in a place you don’t know very well. So the obvious film to watch was Hammer’s ghost story The Woman in Black…


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Since starting preparation for Hallowe’en Horror Week, my husband has been telling me that I have to review Saw. I’ve resisted up until now but I started to wonder if my reluctance to watch the original film again had been created by by dislike of (and distaste for) the later movies …

Top Ten: Scary Movies

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series Hallowe'en Horror Week

It’s only a couple of days now until Hallowe’en and like many other film reviewers I’ve been thinking lots about my favourite scary movies. At first I was apprehensive, I seem to have spent a long time telling you that I’m not a fan of the genre so I really thought that it would take me ages to even come up with 10 that I liked….

The Birds

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When we lived in Leatherhead we had a lovely garden that the local birds used to visit regularly for food. Whenever we would put a fat cake the starlings would flock to us. Squabbling, squawking, fighting they would strip the food in a matter of minutes. It was a sight to behold and very often I would mutter “It’s like The Birds out there”….

The Lost Boys

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When planning Hallowe’en Horror Week I was wondering which films to review and the obvious titles sprung to mind. The Exorcist – but I don’t own it on DVD and didn’t fancy buying it; Saw – maybe, but I didn’t relish watching it again and paying enough attention to give a fair review; A Nightmare on Elm Street – well, obviously. That left me though with some gaps in the schedule…


This entry is part 2 of 12 in the series Hallowe'en Horror Week

I seem to have started something of a family outcry with my recent confession that I’m not seen that many horror films. My husband is pretty appalled and keeps asking which films I’ve seen. Or not seen as the case may be. Many of the films he’s mentioned I have actually seen, but only once and not recently….