#BookTwub Review – 27 October 2011

It was a quiet old night for the #BookTwub. Most people hadn’t read the chosen book Cutting for Stone and so discussion on that was fairly limited. Those who had read it liked it and would recommend to friends, my review is here. I thoroughly enjoyed it….

Cutting for Stone

A confession to begin with. My name is Louise and I’m a book-buying addict. It can be from Amazon for my Kindle, or in the supermarket or even in the charity shop. Anywhere I can get hold of an interesting looking book I will. One of the downsides of this is that I buy books on a whim and then take a long time to get round to them….

#BookTwub Review – 20 October 2011

Another Thursday and another #BookTwub chat on Twitter. The fallout from last week’s Roald Dahl/Enid Blyton feud continued. This week though there were more boys taking part in the discussion so Dahl topped the poll. If I counted all of the votes that came in the following day…. Dahl would still have won…

#BookTwub Review – 13 October 2011

I recently launched #BookTwub, a new Twitter book club. We meet on Thursday nights at 8pm and chat for between an hour and an hour and a half. Once a month we discuss a specific book and in the other weeks we talk generally about books. The number of people joining in each week is growing rapidly – virtually doubling every week…

Vote for October’s #BookTwub Choice

Hopefully everyone has really enjoyed The Book Thief, it’s one of my favourite books of the past few years and I’m really looking forward to the discussion. As with all books that I love I feel quite evangelical about persuading everyone to get hold of a copy…

#BookTwub 1 – The Book Thief Discussion Points

The Book Thief is the first book chosen for #BookTwub, the new Twitter book club. I picked it partly because it is a book that I loved as soon as I read it and wanted to share with people…

The Book Thief

When I was planning the first meeting of #BookTwub, the new Twitter based book club, I knew I wanted a novel that was powerful, popular and would appeal to a wide audience. It seemed obvious to me fairly quickly that The Book Thief was the perfect choice…

#BookTwub Launches

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Thu 29 Sept – 8pm

I’m announcing today the launch of a Book Club which will meet via Twitter. I’m also pleased to announce that the first book will be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak….