On Monday night I watched some of Britain’s fabulous female MPs speak out against the 5% VAT levy on sanitary protection. The SNP’s Alison Thewliss and Labour’s Stella Creasy were both excellent and a nice little story was retold about how Stella Creasy, as an A-level student, raised the issue with her then MP…

In Defence of Seth MacFarlane – Kind Of…

There are many thankless tasks in this world but as Seth MacFarlane is probably now realising, being the host of the Academy Awards is possibly the most public way to make yourself a worldwide figure of hatred literally overnight. His reviews are not great and some of the Twitter vitriol has been appalling…

The Artist

Despite appearances to the contrary I don’t normally get caught up in movie hype. There’s plenty of “must-see” films that I’ve never seen, I’m not a huge fan of some actors that I’m told are the greatest ever…

The Joy of Trailers

Timekeeping isn’t my strong point. I’m either very early for appointments or more usually – very late. I was even hideously late for a job interview once; luckily the interview panel was full of lovely people who excused my red face, poured me some water….

The Iron Lady

According to those in the know Meryl Streep is absolutely certain to win the Best Actress Oscar this year for her performance of Margaret Thatcher in the biopic The Iron Lady. But is her performance really that good….

The Iron Lady Trailer Arrives

The full trailer for The Iron Lady, the Margaret Thatcher biopic has arrived online and it appears to show a fairly sympathetic portrayal of the former Prime Minister and her life. Early word came out on Twitter yesterday which seemed to imply that the Daily Mail critic enjoyed the film and the Guardian critic hated it. So no tribalism there then….

Julie & Julia

An enjoyable biopic of two women and how cooking changed their lives

There’s an ongoing discussion on film blogs, review sites and magazines – why aren’t there more female directors? Why aren’t female directors recognised for their work? Are too many women shackled by the ghettoisation of making films for other women?