The Artist

Despite appearances to the contrary I don’t normally get caught up in movie hype. There’s plenty of “must-see” films that I’ve never seen, I’m not a huge fan of some actors that I’m told are the greatest ever…

Oscars 2012 – As It Happened

For many, sensible people in the UK it’s too much to stay up all Sunday night to watch the Oscars especially as the next few days news and papers will be full of the winners and the fashions. I’m not one of those sensible people…

The Descendants

This year’s battle for the Best Actor Oscar looks like being a straight fight between Frenchman Jean Dujardin, star of the silent hit The Artist, and Hollywood superstar George Clooney for his performance in The Descendants….

Oscars 2012 Trailer

Awards season is fast approaching, the Golden Globes ceremony is only a few days away and excitement is building in Hollywood. I’ll admit it, excitement is building here too….