Samantha Barks to play Eponine

The Les Miserables cast is coming together nicely now and my nagging feeling that the film could be a car crash is starting to die down. Since my last update there have been some more cast members announced including Mamma Mia’s Amanda Seyfried as Cosette, Broadway star Aaron Tveita as student leader Enjolras…

The Iron Lady

According to those in the know Meryl Streep is absolutely certain to win the Best Actress Oscar this year for her performance of Margaret Thatcher in the biopic The Iron Lady. But is her performance really that good….

Book Trailer – A Means of Escape

A trailer has been released for A Means of Escape Joanna Price’s great debut novel which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. I’ve noticed that trailers – once the domain of the movie industry – are now becoming more and more widespread across a range of arts….