Zenith Hotel

I don’t like Paris. I like the Musee D’Orsay, I like Disneyland and I’d like to visit Versailles. The rest of it can jump in the Seine for all I care. I’m possibly the only person I know not to buy into the idea of Paris as the glamorous city of love. I think I’m resistant to the hype about the place…

You Deserve Nothing

It’s always difficult to get to know new authors. With so many books released each year it’s impossible to pick through the hundreds of unknown names. Often I end up just reading novels by the authors that I already know and love. It can’t be easy for new authors faced with the task of breaking down barriers and reaching readers like me…

Forget Paris

This entry is part 22 of 30 in the series Raindance 2011

There’s something immensely irritating about people who are much younger than ourselves who are talented and accomplished. Jealousy is so ugly but there’s no other emotion available when faced with twenty-three year old Christopher Presswell, writer and director of the fantastically warped romantic comedy, Forget Paris …

Julie & Julia

An enjoyable biopic of two women and how cooking changed their lives

There’s an ongoing discussion on film blogs, review sites and magazines – why aren’t there more female directors? Why aren’t female directors recognised for their work? Are too many women shackled by the ghettoisation of making films for other women?