A few years ago I spent some time travelling round Europe, visiting a number of fabulous (and not so fabulous) places. One of the most confusing weekends was spent in Porto in Portugal. We had a wonderful afternoon in a bar, sampling different ports and eating lots of lovely food…

Man of Steel

Two months ago I wrote a list of ten 2013 trailers that had caught my eye. So far I’ve made it to the top four on the list. I’m not holding out much hope that I’ll see Much Ado About Nothing in the cinema, don’t see either of the local multiplexes getting a print…

Top Ten: Tantalising 2013 Trailers

2013 is looking like a decent year for cinema. The beginning of the year saw some great films released – Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln are among my favourites and the summer blockbuster season has already had a decent start…

Oscars 2013 Predictions

It’s Oscars Day and I’m excited. I love the Oscars, I love the good and the bad outfits. I love the gushing speeches and the losers proving why they lost by not being able to act happy for the winners. On the other hand I can’t stand the moaning minnies who complain that it’s all back-slapping and aren’t there more important things in the world to be concerned about…

Baftas (almost) live blog

Last year I had a lot of fun live-blogging the Oscar’s ceremony so I’m going to do the same again this year and thought I’d also blog the British Academy Awards. It’s only an almost live blog as it’s live blogging the television broadcast..

The Muppets

One of the films released earlier this year that I was most excited about seeing was The Muppets. As a child I loved watching The Muppet Show and their version of A Christmas Carol is one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time….

The Muppets Final Parody Trailer

If the new Muppets movie is half as good as its marketing then it’s going to be brilliant. I’ve loved the trailers that have been coming out over the past couple of months and I’m really quite excited about the film itself. Jason Segal is a sweetie and Amy Adams is possibly the most adorable actress working today – the pair seem to be a perfect fit for a Muppets film. Disney have released the final parody trailer ….

Julie & Julia

An enjoyable biopic of two women and how cooking changed their lives

There’s an ongoing discussion on film blogs, review sites and magazines – why aren’t there more female directors? Why aren’t female directors recognised for their work? Are too many women shackled by the ghettoisation of making films for other women?