The launch of a new James Bond film is always exciting and a proper “event”. I can still remember the excitement of going to see Goldeneye when it was released twenty years ago (clearly I sneaked into the cinema at the age of five). The last film, Skyfall, has a strong claim to being the best Bond film…

Top Ten: Book to Film Adaptations

You know I love films and I love books, so it kind of follows that I love films based on books. Sometimes the adaptations are quite poor and disappointing (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), much less often they improve on the source material (anything based on a Tom Clancy book) but just sometimes a great book leads to a great film…


As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I have been counting down to the release of the 23rd Bond film Skyfall. Literally I’ve been counting down in hours and minutes. I love James Bond, have done since childhood and can’t ever see a time when the release of a new Bond film doesn’t fill me with sheer joy…

Top Ten: London 2012 Moments

Regular readers will have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately, no posts for a couple of weeks and hardly any tweets at all. For a fortnight it seems like I fell off the edge of the world. Except of course I didn’t, I simply joined most of the UK in being utterly transfixed by the Olympics…

Full Skyfall Trailer

Wow. Wow wow wow WOW. A full trailer for new James Bond film Skyfall has been released and I’m absolutely blown away. There’s more action including a fight sequence on top of a moving train, the apparent death of Bond (although he’s got more lives than the luckiest cat in the world), an explosion at the MI6 building on the banks of the Thames….

Skyfall Teaser Trailer Arrives

At just after 8.30 this morning BBC Breakfast News premiered the teaser trailer for new Bond film Skyfall and bloody hell it’s good….

Skyfall Poster Released

I’m a big fan of all things Bond and Daniel Craig is rivalling Sean Connery as my favourite actor in the role. I’m very excited about the forthcoming film Skyfall which is also starring Javier Barden, Ralph Fiennes and the wonderful Dame Judi Dench…

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

In my top-ten crime writers list published last year I included Stieg Larsson. His Millennium trilogy was a tour de force and Lisbeth Salander was a new kind of heroine – spiky, unique, damaged and at times a little unlikeable…

Bond 23 Starts Filming Today

At a press conference this morning a number of details of the forthcoming James Bond film were revealed. Known until now only as Bond 23 the title has been confirmed as Skyfall – not sure yet what I think of the title, but then I liked Quantum of Solace and no-one else in the world seemed to so perhaps I’m not the best judge of Bond titles. Daniel Craig is returning as Bond….

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Images Released

One of the films I’m most looking forward to seeing this year is David Fincher’s adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo starring Daniel Craig. Images and potted biographies of the main characters have now been released and I particularly like the look of Robin Wright as Erika Berger and Embeth Davidtz as Annika Blomkvist.