The Best Of Men

I can officially declare that my post-Olympics slump is over. No more mooching about looking for sporting events on the TV, no more crying because Team GB hasn’t won a gold medal in the past five minutes. The 2012 Paralympics start today. I haven’t been this excited since, well since the Queen dropped into the Olympic Stadium…

Top Ten: London 2012 Moments

Regular readers will have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately, no posts for a couple of weeks and hardly any tweets at all. For a fortnight it seems like I fell off the edge of the world. Except of course I didn’t, I simply joined most of the UK in being utterly transfixed by the Olympics…

Top Ten: TV Box-Sets

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As I mentioned earlier, I’ve started watching TV in a completely new way. I very rarely actually sit down and watch a programme as it is transmitted and there’s several series that I’ve barely seen on television at all..