The Little Flower Shop By The Sea

We’re now well into October and the weather has unsurprisingly taken a turn towards the autumnal. In fact it’s a bit cold at times. Time to be planning those long nights in with hot chocolate and a good book. I’ve got a wee pile of Christmas themed books to read …


We’re just over 8 months in our new house and have built a summer house in the back garden, it’s a fabulous place – big and airy and with a fridge full of white wine and a speaker for music. This is my new happy place and I will happily forego a holiday this year to spend time in the garden reading…

Don’t Tell The Groom

I keep hearing about women who have been planning their weddings since early childhood. Disney Princess dresses have been adapted in their minds to be their wedding dresses and pillowcases have been used as veils in dressing up games. That was never me…

Working it Out

I’ve been quite good with my reading recently. There’s a lot of serious books in my To-Be-Read pile and I’ve been reading classics like Pride and Prejudice and Phantom of the Opera as well as highly acclaimed new books such as Alexander Maksik’s You Deserve Nothing

Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe

I like to think in another life I could have been Jenny Colgan. We’re roughly the same age and both come from the West of Scotland, but Colgan has written a number of best-selling ‘chick-lit’ novels. I haven’t!

Top-Ten: Chick Lit Writers

There are few things more satisfying than getting lost in a book which offers nothing more than some romance, escapism, fun and a bit of a break from the doom and gloom of everyday life.

The Summer Book Buying Spree

It’s holiday time and for many of us and that means a chance to relax by a pool or on a beach with a cold drink and a book or ten! Unless you’ve bought hundreds of books that you’ve never got around to reading (yep, I’ve done that) then you’ll need to buy some to […]