#BookTwub 1 – The Book Thief Discussion Points

The Book Thief is the first book chosen for #BookTwub, a new Twitter book club.  I picked it partly because it is a book that I loved as soon as I read it and wanted to share with people.  I know that lots of other people also love it – indeed I’ve not spoken to anyone who has read it who hasn’t been deeply moved by the story.  The Book Thief is about nine year old Liesel, fostered by Hans and Rosa Hubermann, who finds refuge from the horrors of war by stealing books.  A more detailed look at the book and my thoughts on it can be found in my review.

In order to help the #BookTwub chat each month I will post a few discussion points for us all to think about. There will always be a couple of generic questions so that people who haven’t read the book can also join in.  Everyone should feel free to ask their own questions and share their thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #BookTwub.  If you aren’t available to join the chat live but would like to take part, please leave your thoughts in the comments section and I will make sure that they are included.

I’m thrilled that the first question for The Book Thief has been submitted to us by author Markus Zusak – and I repeat it below exactly as posed:

1.  What the hell was all that stuff about Death and all the colours?

2.  What do you think about Liesel’s relationship with Hans Hubermann?  How does this compare to her relationship with Rosa?

3.  Who are the greatest fathers in fiction?

4.  How did you feel about the use of Death as the narrator?

5.  We are told of Max’s belief that the price of living was “guilt and shame”.  How true is this of Max and other characters such as Liesel, Hans and Michael?

6.  What does Death mean when he says that he is “haunted by humans”?

7.  Are there other books with unusual narrators that you would recommend?

8.  Discuss your feelings about The Book Thief.  Did you enjoy it? Did it move you?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future #BookTwubs.

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