I haven’t been to the cinema in a while, it’s not that there’s not lots of new releases that I want to see – far from it, but our local cinema is so full of Wittertainment code of conduct violations that I prefer to stay at home with my trusty Blu-Ray collection and Sky Movies…


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For me, and I think for many people, James Stewart was at his most endearing when playing the everyman. The characters that come to mind are those who are slightly bumbling and naïve but certainly kind and considerate. George Bailey, Jefferson Smith and Elwood P. Dowd…

James Stewart – An Appreciation

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Most of the films that I watch and rewatch on a regular basis are from the more modern era. The mid-70s to today, roughly the years that I have been alive. My DVD shelves are packed with movies from the past fifteen years. I’m a modern girl….

New Year Resolutions

I’ve had a little bit of break from the website for a couple of weeks, I had lots of plans for articles to write and publish over Christmas and New Year but work, family visits and festivities all conspired to get in the way…

The Birds

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When we lived in Leatherhead we had a lovely garden that the local birds used to visit regularly for food. Whenever we would put a fat cake the starlings would flock to us. Squabbling, squawking, fighting they would strip the food in a matter of minutes. It was a sight to behold and very often I would mutter “It’s like The Birds out there”….

Rear Window

As I’m sure you can guess I’m a huge film fan – otherwise this really wouldn’t be the website for me! Even so, I’ve always been aware of huge gaps in my movie watching history which I need to work on filling in. I’ve never seen Citizen Kane…