No Return (Sin retorno)

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The strands at Raindance Film Festival in 2011 were all based on the region of origin of the movies shown, but there were other connecting themes that linked films across the official strands. One which particularly appealed to me was the exploration of justice, guilt and punishment….


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Imagine that all the people who believe everything they read in the Daily Mail got together and decided to sort out the injustices they see all around them. The country would descend into chaos and people would face punishment dished out by the mob rather than the courts …

The Box

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The war in the early 1990s and the break-up of the former Yugoslavia casts a long shadow over the culture of the Balkans. It’s no surprise that film-makers in the region are creating work which reflect the time…

Downton Abbey: Series 1

If there’s anything that us Brits can do well it’s the costume drama. No matter what we try to say about being edgy and modern we love a bit of corset. Throw in a bit of upper class snobbery and lower class bitterness and we’re in heaven (ignore the middle classes though, they are no fun at all). Last year ITV1 struck period drama gold with Downton Abbey…

Top Ten: Bank Holiday Movies

Here we are – the last Bank Holiday Monday until Christmas. I’m sure there’s lots to do but I’m going to stick with the tradition of sitting watching movies…


Christopher Nolan’s high-concept drama Inception was one of last year’s biggest box-office hits and a massive success with critics who claimed it proved that a summer blockbuster could also have a brain.


A moving story of jealousy and betrayal

Based on the 1979 Peter Schaffer play, itself a highly fictionalised version of the real life relationship between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri…