Top Ten: The Dark Knight Trilogy Performances

I recently reviewed The Dark Knight Trilogy but didn’t make much mention of the acting performances. Not because they weren’t worth mentioning but because they were so good that I could have gone on and on for the entire post about them…

The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy

I’m a simple girl, I’m very easy to buy presents for. If you don’t want to buy me a Blu-Ray, buy me a book. If you don’t want to buy me either of those, buy me chocolate. As such, I think that Blu-Rays (or DVDs) are the perfect present for other people. This week I’m going to suggest some box-sets that will make great Christmas presents..

Top Ten:Raindance Festival Facts

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The 20th Raindance Film Festival is now well underway and films this weekend to look out for include Banaz: A Love Story, Trashed and Zero Killed. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this brilliant festival, here are the top ten things you may not know about Raindance…

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

I’m going to have to revisit both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I enjoyed both but neither excited me particularly. They were a little serious for me. I like my superheroes to be a bit more amusing….

A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Just to prove I’m not completely averse to horror films I was given the choice the other night of what to watch. Would it be A Nightmare on Elm Street or Saw. Of course it was A Nightmare on Elm Street – I know a classic slasher flick when I see one. For those of us who grew up in the 80s, Freddy Krueger is the ultimate bogeyman


Christopher Nolan’s high-concept drama Inception was one of last year’s biggest box-office hits and a massive success with critics who claimed it proved that a summer blockbuster could also have a brain.