BAFTAS 2014 (Kind of) Live Blog

Live Blog of the UK TV coverage of the EE Baftas

Oscars 2012 Trailer

Awards season is fast approaching, the Golden Globes ceremony is only a few days away and excitement is building in Hollywood. I’ll admit it, excitement is building here too….

Colin Firth Joins The Railway Man

Not content with an Oscar for his portrayal of a stuttering King, Colin Firth is once again turning to a period drama which as awards-bait written all over it. Based on a true story Firth will star in The Railway Man as Eric Lomax, a former POW who searches for his captors decades after his experiences on the “death railway” between Thailand and Burma. This is likely to appeal to Academy voters – we all know there’s nothing guaranteed to stir them more than a little World War II tragedy.

Reg Hollis: Best Actor In The World?

Jeff Stewart, former star of The Bill, has won the Best Actor award at the Manhattan Film Festival for his performance in the Soviet-era drama Under Jakob’s Ladder. Stewart, who played the annoying PC Reg Hollis, famously went through a very tough time after being axed from The Bill so it’s great to see him have such a successful comeback.


A moving story of jealousy and betrayal

Based on the 1979 Peter Schaffer play, itself a highly fictionalised version of the real life relationship between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri…