This Means War

Sometimes I read reviews of romantic comedies that are very scathing and make me think I’m about to watch the worst movie ever made. I’m usually pleasantly surprised by a film that is a bit mindless but normally quite fun and enjoyable…

Top Ten: The Dark Knight Trilogy Performances

I recently reviewed The Dark Knight Trilogy but didn’t make much mention of the acting performances. Not because they weren’t worth mentioning but because they were so good that I could have gone on and on for the entire post about them…

The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy

I’m a simple girl, I’m very easy to buy presents for. If you don’t want to buy me a Blu-Ray, buy me a book. If you don’t want to buy me either of those, buy me chocolate. As such, I think that Blu-Rays (or DVDs) are the perfect present for other people. This week I’m going to suggest some box-sets that will make great Christmas presents..

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

I’m going to have to revisit both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I enjoyed both but neither excited me particularly. They were a little serious for me. I like my superheroes to be a bit more amusing….


Christopher Nolan’s high-concept drama Inception was one of last year’s biggest box-office hits and a massive success with critics who claimed it proved that a summer blockbuster could also have a brain.