V for Vendetta

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Guy Fawkes

We’re fast approaching Guy Fawkes Night and what better way to celebrate than by looking at some films, books and television programmes which celebrate great revolutionaries? And of course counting down the best explosions in film? For the first time since the Harry Potter series I’m running reviews of a movie and the book that it is based on side by side…

Proms Plus

I didn’t know until recently that there was a programme of literary events as a companion to the BBC Proms season. What a fantastic idea, but it will unfortunately be another list of events for me to circle in a listings book and never actually attend (despite all my good intentions I’ve not made it to a Prom, but we do buy the guide every year)! The Proms Plus Literary Series allows writers to connect the Proms to the wider cultural world and this year it includes a poetry competition for children and adults, an exploration of Scandinavian crime writing and depictions of the piano and the cello in literature. This all looks particularly interesting and hopefully I will be able to make along to at least one event.


A moving story of jealousy and betrayal

Based on the 1979 Peter Schaffer play, itself a highly fictionalised version of the real life relationship between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri…