A Black Bear Killer in Castaway County

Sherriff Dell Hinton returns with a fresh case to trouble his generally quite quiet and amiable life. Three people have been shot at a truck stop in an apparent robbery gone wrong. Two are dead, a third is in a coma and the community is shocked by such a brutal crime in their midst…

The Dead Ground

Today sees publication of Claire McGowan’s The Dead Ground, the second novel in the Paula Maguire series of crime thrillers. As I mentioned in my review of Someone Else’s Skin I haven’t really read as many crime novels as I would like so far this year, in fact this is only my second….

The Devil’s Ribbon

I’ve just embarked on the daunting task of writing a novel. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl and over the years I’ve started, written about 150 words, panicked and deserted my writing. Not only is the concern that my writing isn’t good enough but also the worry that I’m not being original enough…

Now You See Me

I used to volunteer for Radio Lollipop, a brilliant charity which provides entertainment for children in hospitals through radio shows and people playing with the children on the wards. Volunteers went through extensive training which could sometimes be a little tough…

Side Effects

I’ve not had a great couple of weeks at the cinema. Safe Haven, Hansel and Gretel, Die Hard and Warm Bodies have been latest big screen forays and it’s fair to say that none of them will be troubling the compilers of the end of year “Best of” lists…


You know me by now. I love a good crime novel and I’ve been lucky recently with some of the books I’ve read, particularly by new authors. In the past year I’ve expanded my crime range quite a lot and it’s been good to discover writers…

The Wine of Angels

I’m always looking for a bargain, particularly when it comes to books so I was excited when I spotted the thick Phil Rickman novel The Wine of Angels going cheap in my local bookstore….

And Still I Rise

I didn’t realise when I started to read Doreen Lawrence’s autobiography a couple of weeks ago that the trial of two men accused of her son’s murder would be starting this month, making the events described in And Still I Rise seem very recent and frighteningly relevant once again….

No Return (Sin retorno)

This entry is part 23 of 30 in the series Raindance 2011

The strands at Raindance Film Festival in 2011 were all based on the region of origin of the movies shown, but there were other connecting themes that linked films across the official strands. One which particularly appealed to me was the exploration of justice, guilt and punishment….


The Booker Prize has a reputation for only liking serious literary fiction so it was a pleasant surprise to see A.D. Miller’s crime thriller Snowdrops on the shortlist for this year’s prize