Struck by Genius

Before I start this review I have to declare an interest – I hate Maths. Hated it at school and still break out in a cold sweat if anyone expects me to do anything maths related. This isn’t some sort of false vanity – I got 8% in my Higher Prelim. I am bad at Maths, I don’t understand it…

My Animals and Other Family

Last year will not go down in history as a triumph for the BBC which is a real shame. For all the scandals and cover-ups and disasters I still think it’s one of Britain’s greatest institutions. One of its saving graces from 2012 however was the coverage of the London Olympics and one of the stars of the Olympic presentation team was Clare Balding….

And Still I Rise

I didn’t realise when I started to read Doreen Lawrence’s autobiography a couple of weeks ago that the trial of two men accused of her son’s murder would be starting this month, making the events described in And Still I Rise seem very recent and frighteningly relevant once again….