Top Ten: Summer Holiday Films

I’m off to PGL this weekend with my Brownie unit. We’re going to be spending the weekend jumping off high structures, zip-wiring across fields and playing netball on trampolines. When I say we I, of course, mean they will be doing all that. I’m not that daft…

The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy

I’m a simple girl, I’m very easy to buy presents for. If you don’t want to buy me a Blu-Ray, buy me a book. If you don’t want to buy me either of those, buy me chocolate. As such, I think that Blu-Rays (or DVDs) are the perfect present for other people. This week I’m going to suggest some box-sets that will make great Christmas presents..

City Slacker

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It’s probably not very professional of me to admit this, but I do judge books by their cover and films by their names and posters. If a film has a poster which is all jaunty and has someone (usually Matthew McConaughey or Gerard Butler) leaning onto something I usually feel slightly nauseous and avoid like the plague..