Seven Psychopaths

When I saw In Bruges I liked it but didn’t love it, Colin Farrell was good and Brendan Gleeson was great but I didn’t think the film was anything special. When I learned that writer/director Martin McDonagh was reuniting with Farrell …..

Iron Man 2

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It’s coming excitingly close to the opening of superhero supermovie Avengers Assemble and I’ve been preparing by catching up with the series so far. As I wrote a couple of months back, I wasn’t massively enamoured of the first Iron Man film…

Cowboys and Aliens

Total tosh – but fun and enjoyable tosh

The title was the first thing that attracted me to this film. Cowboys AND Aliens in the one movie. That thought alone made it almost unmissable then I learned that Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were the leading mean and that just sealed the deal for me ….