How I Review…(or Sorry for not finishing the book)

I’ve failed absolutely miserably with my efforts to complete Deadly Harvest for today. So what do I do? Hide? Make something up? Or try to do something a little different?

Jihadi: A Love Story

Last autumn I was lucky enough to take part in the cover reveal for Yusuf Toropov’s debut thriller Jihadi: A Love Story. At the time I didn’t know much about the book other than its provocative title, striking cover and the fact it was being published by the always impressive Orenda Books…

Cover Reveal – Jihadi: A Love Story

I’m really excited to be publishing my first ever cover reveal today. I’ve never done one before and before I started book blogging, I didn’t realise how excited book-lovers got about getting a preview of a book cover. It’s fabulous to see in advance a cover and blurb for an upcoming book