Top Ten: Crime Writers (Part Two)

One of my most consistently popular articles is my Top Ten Crime Writers feature. It is my second most viewed post beaten only by the In Praise of Trailers article. In that I listed 10 crime writers I love..

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

One of the joys of reviewing books is in discovering new authors and seeing their career move on from debut novels to the establishment of a series of novels. This time last year I reviewed Joanna Price‚Äôs debut A Means of Escape, the first to feature Somerset detective DS Kate Linton. I thoroughly enjoyed it…

Book Trailer – A Means of Escape

A trailer has been released for A Means of Escape Joanna Price’s great debut novel which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. I’ve noticed that trailers – once the domain of the movie industry – are now becoming more and more widespread across a range of arts….

A Means Of Escape

There’s always something a little bit thrilling about reading a book or watching a film where you recognise the setting. I got very excited when a film was released set on the street I grew up on – Red Road. I had that same flutter when I started Joanna Price’s A Means of Escape….