Think of the Children

When I first got my Kindle I went through a period of downloading many, many free and cheap books. More than I could possibly read in a decade and with no quality control whatsoever. There was a flurry of mindless downloading of books onto my new and special machine. I was, I admit, greedy. In some cases I discovered gems that I would previously never have found…

A Means Of Escape

There’s always something a little bit thrilling about reading a book or watching a film where you recognise the setting. I got very excited when a film was released set on the street I grew up on – Red Road. I had that same flutter when I started Joanna Price’s A Means of Escape….

London Calling

The start of what could be a classic series

London Calling is the first novel in James Craig’s Inspector Carlyle series. So sure is Craig that the book will be a success that he has already announced the next two installments…