Top Ten: Tom Hanks Films

Happy birthday Tom Hanks. The nicest man in Hollywood is 59 today and to celebrate here are my Top Ten Tom Hanks films.

Top Ten: World Book Night Books

This week saw the UK celebrate its 3rd annual World Book Night and the US its 2nd. 23rd April was chosen as the date as it is the UNESCO World Book Day, the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death (and probable birthdate) and the anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes…


Despite being one of the twentieth-century’s best-selling authors and spawning numerous film adaptations of his work I confess to not having really got into Stephen King’s work. I’ve read one book…

World Book Night 2012

World Book Night is an opportunity for those of us who love books to share our passion with those who may not be such big reading fans. In just one night 1 million books are distributed by over 20,000 ‘givers’ – a great celebration of adult literature..

James Patterson is the world’s highest paid author

Crime writer James Patterson is the world’s best paid author according to Forbes magazine. Creator the Detective Alex Cross and the Women’s Murder Club, Patterson earned a mind-blowing £50.9 million last year ($84 million). Second placed writer was romance queen Danielle Steel who looks like a pauper in comparison, having earned a paltry £21 million. Other familiar names on the list include Stephen King, John Grisham and Stephanie Meyer, creator of the Twilight series. I think I’m going to get into this writing lark. £50 million a year sounds like a nice little earner – just about enough to keep up with my movie and book habit…