Top Ten: Movie Dance Scenes

It’s been a while since I did a Top Ten, it’s not easy to keep coming up with ideas especially when you are a bear of little brain. I’m currently watching Strictly Come Dancing on catch-up and disagreeing completely with the judges (come on – Kellie and Kevin were an absolute mess) and then it hit me…

Top Ten: Tom Hanks Films

Happy birthday Tom Hanks. The nicest man in Hollywood is 59 today and to celebrate here are my Top Ten Tom Hanks films.

Monsters University

It’s summer here in the UK, actual proper summer. There’s sun and everything. So how am I spending the hottest days in Britain in years? In beautifully air conditioned cinemas of course. I’m not a sun-seeker, I have very fair skin and once burned under a normal kitchen light…


One of the talking points of this year’s Oscars was whether or not the correct film won the Best Animated Feature category. Almost inevitably the Academy Award went to Pixar for their latest film – Brave. Fans of Aardman Animation’s The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists were outraged…


Much as I adore Disney films I never seem to get round to watching them as often as I would like, but I was feeling a little bit out of sorts and wanted something that would cheer me up. I turned to Disney

Top Ten: Movie Musicals

Of all the Top Ten lists I’ve done so far, or am likely to do, the Top Ten Movie Musicals is the toughest I can imagine. I love musicals, be they on stage or screen, and without a doubt they are my favourite film genre.