Les Mis – Some Good News

As regular readers know I am half excited and half terrified by the forthcoming movie version of my favourite musical, Les Miserables. The recent announcement that rising star Eddie Redmayne had been cast as Marius was a real relief, I couldn’t have stood it if Nick Jonas had got the role. More good news came this week from director Tom Hooper who has confirmed that filming would be in 2D rather than 3D

More Les Mis Casting News

I breathed a massive sigh of relief this morning when I read that Eddie Redmayne has been cast as Marius in the film adaptation of Les Miserables. Not because I’m a big fan of his, in fact I know nothing about him although he has a strong theatrical background which is encouraging. No – my sigh of relief was entirely due to the fact that Nick Jonas hadn’t won the role…..

Do you hear the Hollywood stars sing?

The overwhelming success of the Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert has given a boost to the possibility of a film adaptation actually happening. Rumours have been flying around for a while now and it seems almost certain that Tom Hooper will direct and Hugh Jackman will star as Jean Valjean. I’m quite excited by this as I love Jackman’s voice and I think he’ll do the part justice. Some of the other names suggested are a little worrying….

Expanding Expendables

The cast list for The Expendables 2 is continuing to grow. The sequel to last year’s action adventure starts filming next month and a loose-lipped executive has let it slip that Chuck Norris and John Travolta have joined the action hero-heavy cast which includes Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham and Jean-Claude van Damme. Cue a whole new round of Chuck Norris facts – for example did you know that when Chuck Norris crosses the road, cars look both ways….?