The Theory of Everything

Because I’ve given up on going to the local cinema I have to wait until films are on DVD or Sky Movies until I see them, which means coming completely late to all of this year’s Oscar Winners. I’m just now starting to catch up with most of the films (or at least the ones I want to see…)


I used to work with a man who has a mission to uncover hidden LGBT history in the UK. He has told me stories that are little known about gay men and lesbians across Britain – it’s vitally important that these stories are heard. They form part of our social and cultural history…

Les Miserables

Some people have books, films, paintings or pieces of great classical music that are part of their soul. Works of art that have a special place in their heart that can’t be explained but ‘belong’ to them and always will. For me that place in my consciousness is occupied by the musical Les Miserables…

New Les Miserables Clips

I don’t know how I missed these – and I’m not sure that I’m the only person who has…. Last night I couldn’t sleep. I was lying awake at 2am watching TV, reading Caitlin Moran and wandering round Twitter to find something interesting when someone tweeted a link to a Les Mis clip of Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried singing A Heart Full of Love…

First Les Miserables Trailer

I’m excited and a little apprehensive. The first trailer for the forthcoming Les Miserables movie has arrived and it’s our first chance to see if Tom Hooper’s adaptation is going to be a classic or if it will break the heart of fans of the musical. The trailer features Anne Hathaway’s Fantine….

Les Mis – Some Good News

As regular readers know I am half excited and half terrified by the forthcoming movie version of my favourite musical, Les Miserables. The recent announcement that rising star Eddie Redmayne had been cast as Marius was a real relief, I couldn’t have stood it if Nick Jonas had got the role. More good news came this week from director Tom Hooper who has confirmed that filming would be in 2D rather than 3D

More Les Mis Casting News

I breathed a massive sigh of relief this morning when I read that Eddie Redmayne has been cast as Marius in the film adaptation of Les Miserables. Not because I’m a big fan of his, in fact I know nothing about him although he has a strong theatrical background which is encouraging. No – my sigh of relief was entirely due to the fact that Nick Jonas hadn’t won the role…..