Les Mis – Some Good News

As regular readers know I am half excited and half terrified by the forthcoming movie version of my favourite musical, Les Miserables.  The recent announcement that rising star Eddie Redmayne had been cast as Marius was a real relief, I couldn’t have stood it if Nick Jonas had got the role.  More good news came this week from director Tom Hooper who has confirmed that filming would be in 2D rather than 3D.  I hadn’t even realised that 3D was being considered and I’m delighted that the production team decided to forego it.  It would have been a hideous waste of time and money to ruin the story with a faddy gimmick.

Apparently the casting of Eponine and Cosette will be confirmed soon and it seems almost certain that Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter will be playing the Thernadiers.  The casting so far is encouraging and I’m starting to get good feelings about this.  Please, please let the Eponine and Enjolras casting keep up the positive momentum.  In the meantime, here’s the clip that made me think that Anne Hathaway might actually be good after all…

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