Jack The Giant Slayer

The current Hollywood craze for reimagining fairytales as big budget films has passed me by. The Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland irritated me, it was too much of same old manic faced Johnny Depp and wild eyed Helena Bonham-Carter for my liking…

Knight And Day

On paper it looks like it can’t fail. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in a high octane comedy action adventure. I like Tom Cruise, I like Cameron Diaz, I like comedy and action. I’m bound to love Knight and Day..


We all know about the joys of comfort eating. Feeling a little bit poorly or low and digging into a dirty big slice of cake to make it all better. We’ve all done it and all secretly enjoy it. I’m sure it works with movies and books too. Yesterday morning I twisted my back slightly…

Expanding Expendables

The cast list for The Expendables 2 is continuing to grow. The sequel to last year’s action adventure starts filming next month and a loose-lipped executive has let it slip that Chuck Norris and John Travolta have joined the action hero-heavy cast which includes Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham and Jean-Claude van Damme. Cue a whole new round of Chuck Norris facts – for example did you know that when Chuck Norris crosses the road, cars look both ways….?

The Top 10 Summer Blockbusters

Summer blockbusters

IIt’s summer and we all know what that means – long sunny days, plenty of fresh air and good clean outdoor pursuits. Oh yes, and hours of fun inside an air-conditioned cinema with popcorn, hot dogs and a rattling good summer blockbuster.

There are two main seasons for film releases. In order to qualify for Oscar consideration films must have a theatrical run in Los Angeles County between 1st January and 31st December. This generally means that studios release their worthy, serious films in November and December to keep them fresh in the minds of the Academy voters. If you take a look at the winter releases you can pretty much tell which movies will be the stars of the awards season in the spring but summer is the time for the big-budget, big-star name, big entertainment blockbusters to be released. Also known as the films that we actually pay to go and see….

I have some rules for what can be regarded as a true summer blockbuster. They’re pretty arbitrary, not everyone is going to agree….

It has to be an action film, no romances in my lists
It has to be a film I could watch over and over again – it can’t be a blockbuster if one viewing is enough
It’s not an animation (no matter how good it is)
The time of year matters – Die Hard is a brilliant, brilliant film but it’s set at Christmas, not summer
There has to be personality in there, no pointless sequels churned out just for filthy lucre.

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