The Execution of Noa P. Singleton

I love living in Britain, for all of its faults I genuinely believe that it is a good country. Things do go wrong, but generally we have a just society and part of the cornerstones of that justice is our lack of the death penalty. I’m sure others would disagree but I’m not sure how a society can regard itself as fair when it is happy to kill people…

20th Raindance Film Festival Launches

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The 20th Raindance Film Festival was launched this morning with details of 104 feature films being announced including a fascinating Mexican thread, the best of independent British film making and a number of thought-provoking documentaries on the schedule…

The Confession

The Confession is John Grisham’s latest legal thriller for adults and is currently riding high in the paperback chart. Fans of Grisham’s work are in for a treat when they buy it.