The Goonies

One of the delights of being a proper grown-up (if I’ve actually made it that far) is that it’s ok to admit you like the things that you did as a child. There’s no need to put aside the childish things, we can instead revel in them. I was feeling a bit down one day and my lovely husband brought home one of my favourite films from childhood – The Goonies…

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

I’m off out to see The Hobbit later, hoping that some of the dreadful reviews that have been in the press have been on the cruel side rather than wholly fair. As I was running my series on Blu-Ray box-sets to give as Christmas gifts this seemed the perfect time to revisit the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Then I panicked – I have the theatrical release box-set, would this be the best one to review? What about the Extended Edition?