Pottermore launches – greedy people rejoice

When JK Rowling teased us with news of a website called Pottermore fans went into meltdown. Was this a new story? Were Harry, Ron and Hermione coming back to fight Death Eaters who remained loyal to Voldemort?

Not quite – Pottermore is really not much more than a neat marketing ploy. E-book versions of all seven novels will be available in a number of languages and we’ll get a little more information on the wizarding world and character backgrounds.

Early registration is now open for a limited time, and already some lowlifes are selling account details on Ebay for stupid prices, completely against both the terms and the spirit of the website and Rowling’s wizarding world. The official Pottermore blog has asked that fans don’t purchase details online. I’m know I wouldn’t – I’m happy to wait until October for more information.