The Book Thief

There’s always a real sense of trepidation when going to see a film adaptation of a book that you truly love (see my thoughts on Les Miserables for proof that this isn’t confined just to books, but musicals too). It’s almost inevitable that any great book will eventually reach the screen…

Star Wars: The Complete Saga

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Now that I’ve reviewed all of the Star Wars films individually it’s time to look at the series as a whole. Even though almost everybody has seen the films I tried to keep the reviews as spoiler free as possible…

A cappella tribute to John Williams

This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Star Wars

One of my friends shared this video with me when he found out I was going to be watching and reviewing all six Star Wars films this week. It’s a four piece a cappella tribute to John Williams which made me laugh but also appreciate the talent of the guy involved. Enjoy.