Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

mrs brown's boys d'movieReleased: 2014
Director: Ben Kellett
Starring: Brendan O’Carroll, Jennifer Gibney

Dreadful TV spin-off

I have a confession and I know some of you might think less of me for this but I don’t hate Mrs Brown’s Boys. I don’t love it either and I wouldn’t call myself a fan but will watch episodes when they are on and generally have a couple of laughs throughout. It’s not clever and it does rely on broad humour, but sometimes that’s ok. I like the way the cast breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis and the sense of the audience and the cast having fun together. I think it’s important that I admitted to this before I go into my thoughts on Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie . My dislike of the film isn’t based on a dislike of the character or concept, it’s just a rubbish film.

Our heroine Mrs Brown (as created and played by Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll) finds her market stall threatened by an unholy alliance of corrupt politicians and Russian gangsters. She becomes the public face of the campaign to save the market, but a secret from the past threatens to sully her reputation and turn her beloved children against her.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is a bad film in so many ways that it’s hard to know where to begin. I don’t know whether to start at the least offensive aspect or the most offensive. The cosy nature of the TV show, where Mrs Brown and her family interact with the audience is lost here. The glances to camera still happen and the practical jokes are still shown but they don’t work with the larger scale of film. The limited acting ability of the O’Carroll family is also shown up here, but I still like the fact that the cast is a tight-knit unit.

The film really suffers when it starts to rely on the grossest stereotypes. The TV show isn’t in any way subtle but compared to the film it’s a masterpiece. The depiction of the gay character Rory is even more cringe-worthy than normal and the yellow-face addition of Mr Wang (also played by O’Carroll) is despicably racist.

It wouldn’t be true to say that there are no laughs in this film, I think I laughed three times. Less than during a normal episode of the TV show and far fewer than required to pass Mark Kermode’s six-laugh test.

I’m not a comedy snob, I like broad humour, I enjoy a bit of slapstick and I’m not against Mrs Brown’s Boys in general but this is just a dreadful film which is full of offensive tropes and not enough laughs.

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