A love story about particle physics….

I’m not good at science.  This isn’t me being modest in any way, I’m really not good at science.  I got decent enough grades for my Chemistry and Physics Standard Grades and failed my Highers more miserably than I can bear to admit.  Not even Brian Cox can persuade me that science is cool or fun.  I like literature and history and the arts, that’s my thing.  This adorable short film could persuade me otherwise.

Commissioned to promote the launch of a new dating website, this film entitled The Theory of Everything took its inspiration from the well respected book The 4-Percent Universe and highlights that only 4% of the world around us is “normal” with the remainder being dark matter and dark energy (no, I don’t understand what that means).  It’s cute, fun and well worth a look, especially as there’s a chance to win a trip to the Northern Lights.

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