I Give It A Year

Weddings bring out the worst in me. I don’t like them, I don’t like the enforced jollity, I don’t like big parties and I don’t really like family events. I did have a bad experience at a wedding once where I was trying to be friendly to someone who was particularly mean to me. Then there was the wedding where I was chatted up by the father of the bride’s child…

Raindance Award Winners Announced

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As the 20th Raindance Film Festival comes to a close prizes have been awarded to films across a number of categories. Jury members included Sarah Radclyffe – producer and co-founder of Working Title; Oli Harbottle of Dogwoof Distribution; cinematographer Philip Bloom and William C. Martell, writer of 20 produced feature films. The winners were:

Yet another Bridget Jones film given the go-ahead

EW is reporting that Working Title has confirmed a third Bridget Jones film is in the pipeline. The film promises more tension between Bridget and Mark Darcy and another romp with Daniel Cleaver. I really enjoyed the first film but I found the second instalment frustrating. How much more of Bridget’s pathetic, whiny, self-indulgent bleating can we put up with? I doubt I’ll be rushing to see this one.