A Good Day To Die Hard

I imagine that in any number of Top Tens I could do Die Hard would feature prominently. Top Ten Action Films – check. Christmas Films – yup. Films set in tower blocks, Bruce Willis films, films with leading men wearing vests. I will make up spurious Top Tens just to find new ways to extoll the virtues of Die Hard. I really do love the original film…

Die Hard 5 – Really?

Rumours about a fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise have been whizzing around for a while. This week it seems that Max Payne director John Moore is the latest favourite to helm the new chapter which is apparently taking place in Russia. Another rumour from Total Film is that Adam Buxton who directed Attack the Block is also in the frame.

I love Die Hard – it’s one of my favourite films of all time, but this just sounds a little Mission to Moscow for my liking. Maybe it’s time for Bruce to retire gracefully as everyone’s number one NYPD detective?