Q returns for Skyfall

It’s just been confirmed that the character of Q will return in the new James Bond film Skyfall. MI6’s technical genius and gadget boffin will be played by Ben Wishaw, a 31 year-old who has previously appeared Brideshead Revisited and the TV series The Hour. This is the first time that Q will be played by an actor younger than Bond and is certainly a bold move….

Houdini’s Magic Ticket

Once upon a time – about 6 weeks ago actually – Dan at Top Ten Movies had a great idea for a blogathon. He invited movie bloggers to think about what they would do with a magic ticket that could transport them into different films. There’s been some great replies and I’ve been meaning to add my own thoughts since the blogathon was announced…

The Bourne Identity

I’m a big fan of the James Bond films. I think that, on the whole, they are sharp, full of excitement and (let’s be honest) as camp as a row of tents. I recently decided to watch all of the Bond films again to get myself ready for the 50th anniversary next year and the release of Bond 23, Skyfall …

Bond 23 Starts Filming Today

At a press conference this morning a number of details of the forthcoming James Bond film were revealed. Known until now only as Bond 23 the title has been confirmed as Skyfall – not sure yet what I think of the title, but then I liked Quantum of Solace and no-one else in the world seemed to so perhaps I’m not the best judge of Bond titles. Daniel Craig is returning as Bond….

Top Ten: Bank Holiday Movies

Here we are – the last Bank Holiday Monday until Christmas. I’m sure there’s lots to do but I’m going to stick with the tradition of sitting watching movies…