The Avengers Trailer

I wasn’t fussed about the forthcoming Avengers film, the latest in Marvel Comic’s series of adaptations until I saw Captain America. I loved it and think it was one of the best blockbusters of  summer 2011.  Then I discovered that Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon was writing and directing.  I was sold, this looked like the film to beat next year.  The first trailer has now been released and while I’ve seen a couple of grumbles I think it looks great – Robert Downey Jr looks to be stealing the show.  Let me know what you think in the comments – are you looking forward to The Avengers?

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  1. I agree that it looks like it could be a fun movie to watch!

  2. Being a bit of a Marvel fan means I’m really looking forward to this movie, but whilst the trailer is fantastic! it does look a bit Transformers-esuqe. Also another area that I think could be an issue is that it has so many big-name characters to make it work, and agree Iron Man is going to get the lion share, but then being RDJ this was inevitable wouldn’t you agree?

    • I think RDJ has so much more charisma than the other stars so even if the script is even-handed enough, he’ll still steal the show. I enjoyed Chris Evans in Captain America but up against RDJ he’ll get lost.

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