Ides of March Trailer

The Venice International Film Festival opened this week with a showing of George Clooney’s fourth film in the director’s chair – The Ides of March.  Feedback so far has been very positive, particularly about Ryan Gosling’s performance.  The cast is strong with Clooney, Gosling and the always impressive Philip Seymour Hoffman.  The trailer promises a slick political thriller and it’s definitely one of my must-sees for what looks like a very impressive autumn at the cinema.  What upcoming releases have caught your eye?

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  1. I just saw the trailer minutes ago at Yahoo’s site. Looks like a really good movie. Plus, having Ryan Gosling in the lead is even cooler as he’s got a great ensemble to work with. I’ll await the word on the film at Toronto. Nice Post!

  2. I can’t help myself but coo when ever I see Gosling!! HAHAH

  3. HAHA Pretty much, he is just so dreamy

  4. Y’know, despite not being a fan of Clooney, the trailer did get me intrigued. Gosling is everywhere isn’t he? He’s suddenly gone hunky even though he was just ok in The Notebook, but I’m not a fan of his, yet.

    For sure I’ll rent it if I don’t get around to seeing this on the big screen.

  5. Didn’t know Clooney directed this till now. The trailer is quite impressive. Looking forward to the film.

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