Ron Burgundy Memoir Announced

Deary me, a “memoir” of fictional 70s newscaster Ron Burgundy will be published later this year by Random House.  The thought doesn’t exactly fill me with enthusiasm.  For a start I hated Anchorman.  I’ve tried to watch it five times and each time I’ve turned it off after 20 minutes because it both bores and irritates me.  The forthcoming sequel is filling me with dread.  Secondly, I hate memoirs of fictional characters – they aren’t memoirs, they are novels and they aren’t even novels written for entertainment value.  They are extended press releases for a product that consumers are expected to shell out for.

I know I’m one of the few people who hated Anchorman and doesn’t find the characters funny so I’m sure there’s bound to be a big market for this book, especially as its release will coincide with the movie release.  Just not for me.  I’d rather read the memoirs of meerkat Aleksander Orlov….

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