Olly Murs Memoir? Really?

Hodder has announced that they will be publishing the memoirs of X-Factor finalist Olly Murs.  Happy Days will be published in the autumn and will undoubtedly receive a big push around Christmas as tweens beg for information on their hero.  I’ve got nothing against the hat wearing pop muppet but really?  I must be getting old but I remember the days when it took people years before they wrote their memoirs.  What’s Olly got to say? “I sang on telly, now I sing a bit more, too soon to know if I’ll be forgotten before this book is released.”

Good luck to Olly for trying to milk his fifteen minutes of fame – I would too.  But I’m still rolling my eyes at the nonsense of it all.

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  1. I’m sure it will be more interesting that the memoir of Pudsey the dog, also being published soon. *rolls eyes*

    • Oh good grief. I normally approve of anything that gets young people reading but this is just ridiculous.

  2. Awful human being. I will look forward to seeing his book overwhelming charity shop shelves in 2014.

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