Top Ten: Oscar 2014 Snubs

The Oscar nominations were announced earlier and everyone has an opinion on them. Including, as it turns out, me. I haven’t seen all of the films nominated and with so many strong performances and the high level of technical craft on show I wouldn’t dream of second-guessing The Academy. Having said that, there are some omissions from the nominations that are glaring and I’m quite happy to criticise from my sedentary position.

rush 20131. Daniel Brühl, Best (supporting) Actor, Rush

This is the first of many snubs for Rush, for my money one of the best films of 2013. Both lead actors were great but Brühl’s performance as the unlikeable, clinical Niki Lauda was simply wonderful. He made Lauda truly sympathetic and brought multi-dimensional.

2. Tom Hanks, Best Actor, Captain Phillips

I don’t have the words to describe how much of an oversight this was. Captain Phillips was brilliant, tense, nail-biting and heart-wrenching and most of that was down to Hanks’ brilliant performance. He gave one of his greatest performances in years and it’s a shock that he’s not competing for his third Best Actor Statue.

3. Emma Thompson, Best Actress, Saving Mr Banks

Like Rush, Saving Mr Banks seems to have been completely overlooked this year. Emma Thompson is such a fabulous talent that it seems strange that her bravura turn as the prickly Pamela Travers was ignored. In favour of Meryl Streep who simply has to turn up in a film to be nominated.

4. The Blue Umbrella, Best Animated Short

I wasn’t blown away by Monsters University, I really wanted to be but I wasn’t. What made the trip to the cinema memorable though was Pixar’s lovely little short film The Blue Umbrella. 7 minutes of sheer joy as a blue umbrella finds love on a crowded city street.

captain phillips5. Paul Greengrass, Best Director, Captain Phillips

Paul Greengrass isn’t my favourite director, I get annoyed by his reliance on fast-cuts and whizzy camera techniques (that’s the proper technical term you know). Having said that, Captain Phillips was the perfect film for his style and he created a nail-biting experience and he deserved acknowledgment.

6. Ron Howard, Best Director, Rush

Normally well liked by The Academy, Ron Howard seems to have upset someone this year. In Rush he brings together great performances, superb technical achievements and a story of triumph over adversity in a great balancing act.

7. Blackfish, Best Documentary Feature

Much like The Cove, a previous winner in this category, Blackfish is a game-changer in terms of animal welfare and the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity. It’s incomprehensible that it wasn’t regarded as a strong enough contender for nomination.

8. Best Film, Rush

As I’ve already said this is one of my favourite films of last year so it’s no surprise that I regard its omission from any of the categories as a shocker. Given only 9 of the 10 available Best Film spaces were used it’s a crime that Rush didn’t fill the final slot.

man of steel9. Best Visual Effects, Man of Steel

I wasn’t blown away by Man of Steel, it was good but didn’t have quite enough personality for my liking other than a little hint at the end. What it did have was damn good visual effects particularly in the climatic fight scenes in Smallville.

10. Best Sound Editing, Rush

Of the four nominations I think Rush should have received this is the one it most deserved. The roar of the Formula One cars is thrilling and inhabits your body as you watch the film, particularly in a cinema. It was a major feature in the success of Rush and deserved recognition.

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  1. I totally agree about Tom Hanks and Captain Phillips. For me, it was one of Hanks finest ever performances – surely that is enough to merit a nomination.

    Likewise, Emma Thompson is so good in Saving Mr Banks.

    …what a year Tom Hanks has had in the movies with these two films.

    • I do wonder if Hanks lost out because of being in two such strong films? Split his own vote?

      • Maybe. That would be a shame. Saving Mr Banks is the sort of thing Hanks can do in his sleep; Captain Phillips reminded me of Hanks when he goes the extra mile – eg. Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, Cast Away…

  2. In general, I don’t like that all the nominations come from movies that came out late. I feel like great performances in the first half of the year are always overlooked.

    • It is a real shame that there is so much focus on the film’s that come out in December. I think it was 2012 I was really annoyed that Michael Pena’s performance in End of Watch was forgotten.

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